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Centre d'Immunologie et des Maladies Infectieuses
UPMC UMRS CR7 - Inserm U1135 - CNRS ERL 8255

Séminaire du 08/11/17 - Maryse Lebrun (UMR 5235, U. Montpellier)

13h, Salle 616 Bât "91"

Maryse lebrun (UMR 5235 "Dynamique des interactions membranaires normales et pathologiques", CNRS - U. Montpellier)

Title : Insights into the invasion process of Toxoplasma gondii

 Invitant : O. Silvie

Our research is dedicated to cell biology of Toxoplasma gondii. We aim at deciphering the molecular mechanisms of invasion in T. gondii that has been conserved across the phylum during evolution. Our activities are also focused on autophagy and on vesicular trafficking to the apicoplast, a plastid acquired by secondary endosymbisosis of a red algae that harbors numerous essential metabolic functions.s projets que nous avons actuellement.


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