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Centre d'Immunologie et des Maladies Infectieuses
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NK cells and Pathologies - Vincent VIEILLARD

Team members

Team Research program

Our team is interested in the biology of human natural killer (NK) cells and how they contribute to disease processes. NK cells are critical participants in innate immunity and have the ability to recognize and kill virally infected cells and tumor cells. The integration of signals that they received through various inhibitory and activating cell surface receptors controls their activation and ability to kill target cells and produce cytokines/chemokines. The key focus of our research is to understand thought different pathology models, the beneficial/deleterious relationship between an NK cell and its cellular target. Improved understanding how NK cells behave is critical to advancing our ability to harness their innate capacity for stress recognition. Therefore, an important component of the laboratory focuses on the basic biology of the NK cells, identifying new molecules involved in the control of NK function, and determining the laboratory and clinical conditions under which NK actions can be modified.

From the works that we led these last 10-years, we were able to identify variousspecific markers of the NK cells, which can allow to elaborate new therapeutic and vaccine strategies.Since 2007, we have already performed several pre-clinical studies in a macaque model and constituted apatent family, which brought to us to the creation of a start-up of biotechnologies, Innavirvax SA, with Patrice DEBRE and Vincent VIEILLARD, as co-founders, for the valorization of our researches. This startup has developed a therapeutic vaccine candidate, which is actually tested in clinical trials in HIV infected individuals. In parallel of this vaccine approach, we have begun the first National study of infusion of mature NK cells in patients with malignant hematologic disorders.
Locally, our team is already linked with number of clinical departments, and also strongly implicated in the training of students (academic and medical) providing from the local University (UPMC, and also member of the new cancer Institute of the UPMC (IUC).

November 2015 : Vincent Vieillard, member of the Cimi-Paris team involved in european project H2020

Technical expertise


Main achievements

  • Identification and caracterization of NKp44L, the cellular ligand of an activating NK receptor, only expressed in stress situations
  • Application of a highly conserved motif in HIV vaccine
  • Basic description of « clonal » NK cells expansion after virus infections
  • Role of NK cells after allegenic hematopoietic transplantation

External funding (current)

H2020 UE (2016-2020): EAVY2020 (European AIDS Vaccine Initiative)


  • PHRC-regional : Role of NK cells in the reactivation of viral infection in post-transplanted patients with hematological disorders
  • ANR Immuno-Lassa (2014-2017) Role of NK cells in Lassa virus infection
  • HIVera (2014-2015) Viral neutralization by gp41 HIV peptides

From industry:

  • InnaVirVax SA (France), 2014
  • Metabiota Inc (USA)

Others Collaborations

  • Institut Curie (Paris) : Structural modelization
  • Institut Pasteur : Structural immuno-chemistry
  • CIRMF (Gabon) : Emergent diseases

Publications (PDF):

(2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013)


Traductions :


cimi-paris @ upmc.fr

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Key words

NK cells, acute and chronic viral infections, transplantation, auto-immunity, host-pathogens interaction

Fields of application

HIV vaccine, Immuno-therapy, cellular therapy