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Centre d'Immunologie et des Maladies Infectieuses
UPMC UMRS CR7 - Inserm U1135 - CNRS ERL 8255

Vaccines and Biotherapies

The Cimi aims to guide preventive and therapeutic strategies (vaccination and biotherapies) from breakthrough discoveries to stages towards clinical development. We focus on the severe diseases that represent national, European and WHO strategic priorities and that are major burdens for society. We aim to maintain existing, and promote further, collaborations with the academic and industrial sectors. Within the Cimi, internationally recognized key leaders in vaccination intensify the existing strong internal collaborations in Vaccination and Biotherapies. The high number of teams, publications and funding attest the great interest, substantial involvement, and strong expertise we devote to this topic.

The Core of the program is built around clinical research and trials on vaccination and biotherapies. Eight teams are highly active in conducting and/or supervising clinical research in the field of infectious disease and vaccination. This effort is supported by basic research provided by additional teams. Knowledge on inflammatory and autoimmune disorders as well as cancers and transplantations complete our global knowledge in immunology with the aim of providing innovative therapies.


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