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Centre d'Immunologie et des Maladies Infectieuses
UPMC UMRS CR7 - Inserm U1135 - CNRS ERL 8255

Research axes

The Cimi brings together practitioners, clinicians and researchers working in Immunology and Infectious Diseases. The investigators address a wide range of aspects of the immune responses and of the host/pathogen interactions, as well as the ability of micro-organisms to overcome anti-infective therapeutics, from the single cell level to animal models and human pathologies. We believe that this combined effort is a powerful approach to decipher the immune system and to develop novel strategies to fight infections and autoimmune / inflammatory disorders.


The Cimi is organized around 3 innovative integrative programs at the core of our project:

- Vaccines and Biotherapies

- Host/Pathogen Interactions

- Immunology / Inflammation.

These programs rely on the strong connections built with the National Reference Centres (on Malaria, Tuberculosis and Autoimmune disorders) and the clinical departments (Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Transplantation, Hematology and Immunology) of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital.

Entangled with research activities, the Cimi is one of the main actors of the UPMC in biology. The investigators devise, improve and participate in educational programs in immunology, bacteriology, virology and parasitology. The scientific, technological and clinical expertise of the Cimi lead to the development of partnerships with leading scientific institutions, with large pharmaceutical companies, and with startup companies, all of which are indicators and reflect the national and international scope of the Cimi.



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