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Centre d'Immunologie et des Maladies Infectieuses
UPMC UMRS CR7 - Inserm U1135 - CNRS ERL 8255


Cimi-Paris is currently headed by Dr. Christophe Combadière.The center is organized into research teams of varying size, between 2 and 15 permanent researchers, clinicians and teacher-researchers who share the Cimi-Paris's mission, to foster research in the fields of immunology, infectious diseases and vaccinology. Work in the center proceeds from basic science and clinical efforts and emphasizes collaborative approaches to understanding the immune system.
At september 2017, 13 research teams are members of Cimi-Paris. Each team is headed by a Team Leader which responsibilities are well established both in the operation of the center, in scientific leadership, and in governance of the Cimi-Paris.

The director has the overall responsibility for the operation and development of Cimi-Paris. He chairs the CoPil (Comité de Pilotage), an executive committee composed of three Team Leaders (B Combadiere, G. Gorochov, B. Salomon) representing of the main internal scientific fields. The Cimi’s Director conducts negotiations with the President of the University, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the regional delegates of the CNRS and the INSERM to obtain the means to carry out the Centre’s scientific policy, in particular by the allocation of resources and premises in order to ensure the spatial and functional cohesion of the Centre. The CoPil has the entire responsibility of the Cimi-Paris scientific policy. It serves as the task force to establish and implement research and educational objectives defined in agreement with its umbrella organizations, to identify funding resources to support research, training and expand core facilities, to identify new members, to administer the budget, and oversee the organization of Cimi-Paris program enrichment activities.

The CoDir (Comité de Direction/Steering Committee),is the decision-making body that represents the staff.  It is composed of the Cimi’s director which chairs it, the deputy directors, the secretary general, the prevention assistant, the international projects and partnerships manager, team leaders and elected representatives of each major category of personnel of the centre (tenured researchers, teaching researchers appointed by the university and/or the hospital, engineers, technical and administrative staff, post-docs, doctoral students). Meetings are held on a monthly basis.

This committee is responsible for all decisions concerning budget, investment, and development of the centre, dissemination. The promotions and recruitment of the young scientists and the technical staff are also debated and approved by the executive committee after proposition by the steering committee and/or the Cimi council. It is responsible for:

  • Representing the centre
  • Making decisions regarding the creation of new teams
  • Defining strategic orientations and collaborations
  • Ensuring quality of research and publications
  • Ensuring observation of ethical and social rules

An Administrative Office and a Research support service, acting as interfaces with the supervising authorities, are involved in matters related to administration, human resources, finances, external research funding, development of partnerships, communication and legal aspects.

Several Transversal Committees are implemented on specific questions related to training programs, buildings occupancy, management of common technical platforms, human resources (evolution of jobs, renewal policy of post profiles, preparation of agents appearing in competitive examinations,…), Hygiene and safety, animal housing facilities, etc.


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